Powers Appliances,
Converts AC/DC Power,
Inflates Tires and Toys,
Lights Up The Dark...
Even Jump-Starts Your Car!

No Noisy Engine. No Fumes.
Safe & Efficient.

Make your life easier and safe with this 18 pound portable generator.

A remarkable new advanced source of energy you can take with you anytime and anyplace. The portable E-Z PowerPLUS can save you time, money and possibly your life.

The portable E-Z PowerPLUS is more than just a handy generator for emergencies. It also has a 600amp auto jump starter, a high powered 260 P.S.I. air compressor, a mighty DC and powerful AC Power inverter with 2 outlets, USB port, plus a strong, built-in LED utility light.

All that power and function in one sturdy, powerful, compact generator makes the E-Z PowerPLUS a necessity to have in your home, workshop, camper and vehicle.


Light weight and convenient,
E-Z PowerPLUS weighs only
18 pounds.
E-Z PowerPLUS self-stores its own high-pressure air hose.